Medical Logistics

Medical Logistics in Pandemics (MLP) (MLP001)

Description: A fully blended online training that aims to equip aid workers and health staff with the most essential logistics and supply chain knowledge in the context of medical operations. Special focus will be put on the current response to COVID-19 making sure that the right product and service reach patients at the right time, at the right condition, and at the right price.

Methods: Recorded presentations (with subtitles), videos, podcasts, quizzes, instructor-led virtual classroom seminars

Duration: 15 hours over 4 weeks (can be accelerated)

Target group: Health care professionals and medical logisticians from humanitarian agencies and government ministries

Languages  :
English | Français | Español | العربية

  • Introduction
  • Course Introduction and Schedule
  • Module 01
  • M01: Medical Supply Chains in the Humanitarian Context
  • M01-SM01: Introduction to Humanitarian Supply Chains
  • M01-SM01: Self Assessment
  • M01-SM02: Introduction to Medical Supply Chains
  • M01-SM02: Self Assessment
  • M01-SM03: Medical Supply Chain Emergency Preparedness
  • M01-SM03: Self Assessment
  • M01-SM04: Medical Supply Chain Emergency Response
  • M01-SM04: Self Assessment
  • M01: Module and Training Course Feedback Survey
  • Module 02
  • M02: Medical Supply Chain Good Practice
  • M02-SM01: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & Good Procurement Practice (GPP)
  • M02-SM01: Self Assessment
  • M02-SM02: Quality Assurance & Pharmacovigilance
  • M02-SM02: Self Assessment
  • M02-SM03: Good Storage Practice (GSP)
  • M02-SM03: Self Assessment
  • M02-SM04: Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • M02-SM04: Self Assessment
  • M02-SM05: Practitioner Talk - Ordering Medical Shipments
  • M02: Module and Training Course Feedback Survey
  • Module 03
  • M03: Navigating Humanitarian Supply Chains During a Pandemic
  • M03-SM01: COVID-19 Supply Chain Challenges
  • M03-SM02: Pandemic Impacts on Medical Supply Chains
  • M03-SM02: Self Assessment
  • M03-SM03: Business Continuity
  • M03-SM03: Self Assessment
  • M03-SM04: Positive Outcomes and Innovations
  • M03-SM04: Self Assessment
  • M03-SM05: Practitioner Talk - Localisation and Sustainable Development
  • M03: Module and Training Course Feedback Survey
  • MODULE 04
  • M04: Cold Chain and Vaccination Logistics
  • M04-SM01: Introduction to Epidemic and Pandemic Causes and Consequences
  • M04-SM01: Self Assessment
  • M04-SM02: Coordination of Large-scale Outbreaks and Pandemics
  • M04-SM02: Self Assessment
  • M04-SM03: Outbreak and Pandemic Logistics
  • M04-SM03: Self Assessment
  • M04-SM04: Mass Vaccination Campaign and Cold Supply Chain
  • M04-SM04: Self Assessment
  • M04-SM05: Improvement and Risk Management Related to Outbreak Logistics
  • M04-SM05: Self Assessment
  • M04: Module and Training Course Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever